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    inspired by (x)

    When you’ve been abused by a parent like that dealing with anything afterwords is terrifying.

    I can only imagine the emotions Zuko was feeling when he apologised to Iroh there. 

    ^This is one of the reasons that I think going in to apologize to Iroh is one of the bravest things that Zuko’s ever done, because of how much it must have terrified him to do so (Iroh would never hurt Zuko like that, but that fear had to have been at the top of Zuko’s mind at this moment)

    And why I love Iroh so, so much for being who he is. 

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    50% of me: “I love dresses and flowers and pretty things.”

    Other 50% of me: “I love tattoos and hardcore music and concerts and skinny jeans.”

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  • Dylan and Kaya having so much fun during the “Know your co-star" game (x)

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    hades isn’t a badass. hades named his three-headed-guard-of-the-underworld-dog spot. hades whispers to his flowers to make them grow. hades grows fruit. there’s no sun in the underworld.

    hades isn’t a badass. stop saying this false thing

    hades confirmed for actual fucking dork

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  • A reminder of our generosity and our forgiveness. This is how we remember our past. This is how we safeguard our future.

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